Bulk endpoint guidance

API Overview

Endear uses a GraphQL API to provide a flexible and efficient way to interact with our platform. Our API allows you to send customer data to Endear, enabling you to leverage our powerful features to enhance your customer relationships and drive sales.


Our API includes several endpoints that follow the naming convention bulkUpsertExternal... followed by the object name. For example, bulkUpsertExternalCustomers is used to bulk upsert customer data.

For a complete list of available endpoints and their specifications, please refer to our API Reference.

Batch Size

When sending data to Endear using the bulkUpsertExternal... endpoints, we recommend the following guidelines for batch sizes:

  • For optimal performance, send batches of 1-100 items per request.
  • We limit the maximum batch size to 100 items per request.
  • Our rate limits still apply. Please refer to our API limits for up-to-date limits.

If you have a large amount of data to send, we recommend breaking it down into smaller batches and sending them sequentially. If you need to send more than 500,000 items, please contact us for further guidance and support.

What’s Next